About Us

Derek and Romaine have worked together for a long time as a radio duo.

The secret to their success? They travel really well together!

Romaine Patterson having fun on a DNR Cruise, wearing a lei. Over the years of traveling across the country promoting their radio show, they met so many great listeners along the way. Some would travel great distances to hang out with them at various Pride events, as well as other activities like the R Family Vacations and Gay Days Anaheim. So Derek and Romaine had an idea: What if they put together group events specifically to hang out with their listeners? And so DNR Travel was born.

In 2013, DNR embarked on their very first group cruise with 30 brave listeners. It was a small and diverse group and even though everyone was from a different part of North America or divergent background, everyone got along great. Word spread, and the second DNR Cruise had three times as many travelers! It’s been growing like crazy ever since.

Today, DNR Travel includes both cruises and land events like Great Smoky Weekend: their annual event in Pigeon Forge, TN that’s all about food and fun! And it isn’t just Derek and Romaine show listeners anymore — the group of travelers has grown to include extended family, friends and co-workers. But what hasn’t changed is the friendships.

What makes DNR Travel so special are the connections people make. It’s hard to make friends as an adult outside of work or college. DNR Travel takes you to fun places and creates opportunities to interact with people from all walks of life who are unique and interesting. You’ll be surprised by the friends you make and the fun you have, all at a great low price. Join Derek and Romaine on their next adventure!