Electronic Calendars

Subscribe to the iCal Calendars below with your smartphone, to keep track of both the Cruise Line and DNR events while cruising! You can unsubscribe at any time. How you subscribe is slightly different for iPhones vs Android – instructions below.

One very important caveat, with regards to using our DNR Electronic Calendars – is TIME ZONE DIFFERENCES!

  • Every cruise publishes a “SHIP TIME” that the Captain sets their clocks to. Most cruise lines set their SHIP TIME to the LOCAL PORT TIME ZONE – but not always.
  • Once you get on the ship, manually set your smartphone’s date/time each day, so your phone’s time matches the calendar event times. Remember everything scheduled on board, is according to SHIP TIME. Confirm this every morning!
  • We initially set each Calendar Event, to the LOCAL PORT TIME ZONE that we expect the ship to be honoring as their SHIP TIME. However it’s up to the Captain to determine what SHIP TIME for each cruise. We only know the observed ship times, after we board the ship!
  • Since we manually set each Event to an expected LOCAL PORT TIME ZONE, when you look at your calendar at your home, the Events may look like they have the wrong time, if you’re in a different time zone. There is no way around this! In order to have the events appear at the proper time for those who will be on the cruise and IN those time zones, we must set them this way!
  • We can’t control the time your phone is set to, and it may differ from correct Ship Time, so we also post the SHIP TIME that an event is scheduled, in the static/unchanging DESCRIPTION field of each Event. Always reference this SHIP TIME in the DESCRIPTION – because that field will not change according to your phone’s time settings. Thus if anything goes wrong with our Calendars or your Internet Connection, or how your smartphone is interpreting time zones, you should always reference the SHIP TIME in the DESCRIPTION field.
  • If our Tech Guy Darren is on board the ship, he will confirm the daily time zones and ship times, and adjust the event times on our DNR Cruise Calendars. This should happen by the end of the departure day (11:59pm on the departure day). However if he’s not on board, time zone settings could differ.
  • Every morning, you should double check that your phone is set to match the calendar times for that day, and you should also “refresh” your Calendars, to make sure you are looking at any changes. This will require that you have Internet Access! If you did not purchase an Internet plan on the ship, you should be able to do this on port days, when the ship is near a cell tower (assuming your smartphone has a roaming data plan).

Also when leaving the ship at a port, do not rely on these Cruise Calendars – always confirm the SHIP and LOCAL TIME that you must be BACK ON BOARD with the cruise line, as you depart the ship!

TIP: Do not “insert” calendar events into your existing calendar – instead, you should subscribe to our calendars – by following the steps below!. When subscribing, you will automatically get all updates! You will not, if inserting into an existing calendar!

Also FYI: DNR specific events are added to each calendar, closer to departure date.

DNR Alaska Cruise 2023

Click here to view the DNR Alaska Cruise 2023 Calendar on our website.

Or subscribe with a mobile device by following the steps below:

Subscribe with an iPhone/iPad using iOS15
  1. iOS15 and later devices (older versions may differ), follow these steps:
  2. First go to https://www.dnrtravel.com/calendars on your iPhone (this page)
    1. “Tap and hold” the following URL link, which allows you to scroll down to the “Copy” option – copy the URL into your iPhone’s clipboard. Do NOT click “Allow” when prompted with “The website is trying to show you a calendar invite” – just scroll DOWN past that warning, to the COPY option.
    2. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/c_ee0e20e73cb5981fef1e759eebc520fd3e9a3001d8efadc6d3e049d7d3d5c4e2%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics
  3. Make sure you are copying the entire line above or you will later receive a file is unsupported error or similar on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Once you Copied the above into your clipboard, then go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Scroll down and tap Calendar.
  6. Tap on Accounts.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and select “Add Account“.
  8. Select “Other
  9. Select “Add Subscribed Calendar“.
  10. “Paste” the above URL that you copied into your clipboard, by Tapping and holding the field, then selecting to “Paste”.
  11. Make sure you see the entire long URL here beginning with https ending in .ics, or you will receive an File is Unsupported or similar error on a subsequent step.
  12. Tap the Next button.
  13. Tap the Save button.
  14. After you have subscribed, enter your iPhone/iPads Calendar app, and you’ll see the DNR Events integrated. You can always click “Calendars” at the bottom of your Calendar app, and turn on/off the DNR Cruise Calendar.
Subscribe with an Android
    1. Android users all have a Gmail address. Starting on your desktop browser, not using your smartphone, go to https://calendar.google.com.
    2. Login to Google Calendar, with the Gmail address that you use on your Android phone.
    3. On the left side bar, click the Down Arrow to the right of the words “Other calendars”.
    4. Select Add by URL
    5. Copy and paste the following ICAL link, into the calendar address field provided on Google Calendar
    6. Click Add Calendar.
    7. The calendar will appear on the left side under “Other Calendars”
    8. Note: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to appear on your Google Calendar on your smartphone. Keep in mind this is only intended to work with Google Calendar on your smartphone, not other calendars!
    9. Android users should check to make sure they have Google Calendar loaded on their device. Use it for best results!
    10. Once the other calendar is linked in your Google account, you can assign its events a color and hide/show that calendar both on the web and in your Calendar app.


  1. If you want to see the calendar quicker, then continue following the following steps
  2. Go back to the Calendar App and from the main window, tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the App and then tap “Refresh”
  3. Then go to the Settings for the App. On that page, scroll to the section for the gmail account you used to add the calendar too.
  4. Look for the DNR Cruise Calendar. You may have to hit “More”
  5. Tap on the DNR Cruise Calendar in the list to see its settings
    and Make sure the “Sync” is turned on (by default it will be off), then refresh again.
  6. All of the calendar items will now be syncd to your device’s calendar app
    and as the calendar gets updated, updates will also sync.
  7. If you did all this and you still cannot get this to work, try following the iPhone/iOS11 Instructions, as some Android users have had luck with those
Subscribe with another Device
  1. We do not have specific instructions on subscribing with another device. However the steps may be similar to the iPhone or Android instructions above.
  2. In general, you will always need to input the following ICAL link, somewhere into your smartphone’s Calendar section:
  3. If you are successful with another device, please let us know the exact steps to subscribe, and we can share those instructions with other members!