What to Know Before You Go

What's so special about a DNR Cruise?

DNR introduces you to a variety of people who share your interests, making it 10x easier to click with someone and leave with lasting memories. We also offer special promotions like free drinks and premium dining that you won’t find on other LGBT-themed cruises! And if you like karaoke, games, and costume parties, you’ll be living it up all week long. Hundreds of people have traveled with us, and over 75% of those who do end up booking a second trip! Check out all the fun that happened on our first 5 cruises:

DNR Beginnings (cruises 1-3)

Fall 2015 DNR Cruise

Alaska 2016 DNR Cruise

How much does a DNR Cruise cost?

We don’t charge any extra fee to join a DNR Cruise. The price you pay is the same one posted on the cruise line website, if not lower.

Cabin fares depend on the type of cabin (inside, ocean view, balcony, mini-suite with balcony, or suite) and where on the ship the cabin is located (cabins on higher floors and/or closer to elevators are slightly higher). Prices are listed as “per person” based on double occupancy, and do not include taxes and port charges.

What's included in my fare?

Going on a cruise is a lot like staying in a floating hotel. Your cabin fare covers your room, amenities (hair dryer, toiletries, towels), meals, TV, live entertainment, and access to the pool, bar & fitness center.

Unless otherwise noted, dining, soda, cocktails, shore excursions, casino gambling, gift shop purchases, Wi-Fi/ internet, special shows, and other premium experiences are additional charges not covered by your fare.

Budget-minded travelers won’t need to spend much if they skip these optional extras. For instance, it’s completely free to get off the ship at port and explore the local area, and most stops are walkable distances from downtown. You could also stay on the ship and enjoy the pool while others are on shore.

When should I book my trip?

Cruises: We typically open our cruise reservations 12-15 months before we set sail. Airlines don’t open flight routes for sale until ~11 months before the travel date, so there may be a gap between when you book your cruise and when transportation is available.

Excursions: You can book excursions directly through their website once you’ve confirmed your reservation. Some shore excursions may not be available until about nine months before sailing. We also offer some recommended group excursions, generally at a lower price, through our travel partner Shore Trips.

For other events: We usually make hotel bookings available ~11 months before the trip, so that air and hotel can be booked at the same time. Hotel space tends to fill early, so book your host hotel space as early as possible. Airfare can fluctuate over time, so purchasing about six weeks before travel is the best choice — especially on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

Travel insurance will cover the cost of your cruise, air fare, hotel and other travel expenses in the event of a last minute cancellation or emergency. It’ll also cover you for medical expenses incurred when you are out of the country. Most health insurance policies don’t cover services provided in a foreign country or on the ship itself. Even something as seasickness or a twisted ankle can be expensive.

Check with your credit card company to see what travel coverage your card already offers. You can also ask about supplemental coverage they may provide for an additional fee. If you’d like insurance from our cruise line, simply let us know at the time of booking for your cruise or before final payment is due.

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Okay, I'm ready. How do I book a trip?

It all starts with the Cruise Booking Form. Be ready to include information about yourself and anyone traveling with you, including full legal names as they appear on their passport, birth dates and current contact information. If you have any questions or need more information, there’s an option on the form to contact us directly.

Once you fill out the form, you will be contacted by the DNR Cruise team to begin the process of booking the cruise. If you just want more information about a cruise, no worries — you aren’t obligated to book. No reservation is confirmed until we receive your deposit. Should you change your mind, deposits are fully refundable up to 90-120 days before sailing.

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