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Join us for ten days of unforgettable fun. Start with two days in New York City, then set sail on the beautiful Norwegian Joy for the seven day Quinceanera And The City DNR Cruise, our Bermuda adventure. Gorgeous Bermuda is a stunning destination you’ll love.

The Norwegian Joy is a lovely, state-of-the-art Breakaway class ship with luxurious accommodations plus drink free when you choose the Open Bar beverage package as one of your included options. To get started, please fill out the Cruise Booking Form.

Host Hotels, Shore Excursions and Pre-Sail Activities under the ADD ONS tab.

Come early as we spend two days together in New York City before embarking on our seven day stunning Bermuda cruise adventure.


Day 1

Date : April 29, 2022

New York City

A Day In New York City

Day 2

Date : April 30, 2022

New York City

A Day In New York City, Bon Voyage Party

Day 3

Date : May 1, 2022


Set sail on the Norwegian Joy. Sail away party, show your DNR Pride, group dinner.

Day 4

Date : May 2, 2022

At Sea Day

Koffee Klatch, dinner with the listeners and a bunch of at sea day activities to keep you busy and get you acquainted with the group.

Day 5

Date : May 3, 2022

At Sea Day

A day at sea with the group exploring the ship and making new friends

Day 6

Date : May 4, 2022

Dock In Bermuda

We arrive in Bermuda for three wonderful days. Enjoy strolls through the historic port and the many available excursions and experiences, without the need to rush back to the ship.

Day 7

Date : May 5, 2022


Enjoy a full day and night in Bermuda with strolls through the historic port and the many available excursions and experiences, without the need to rush back to the ship.

Day 8

Date : May 6, 2022

Depart Bermuda

Enjoy a morning of strolls through the historic port and the many available excursions and experiences in beautiful Bermuda before we embark at 3pm.

Day 9

Date : May 7, 2022

At Sea Day

Enjoy a day at sea full of special DNR activities including the listener panel and DNR award show.

Day 10

Date : May 8, 2022


Depart the ship and head home, or hang out for an extra day or two in New Orleans. Monday is a holiday so why not stick around for an extra day of fun in the Big Easy at the end of your trip!

Cruise prices include: cabin stay, meals in most restaurants, numerous shipboard activities and shows. Most DNR events and activities on the ship plus exclusive DNR Cruise packet are included at no additional cost. Here are some sample prices (subject to availability and change without notice):

$2499 Inside Cabin (taxes included for two passengers)

$3199 Balcony Cabin (taxes included for two passengers)

$3599 Mini Suite Cabin (taxes included for two passengers)

$6900 Haven Suite (taxes included for two passengers)

DNR Group Promotion: Special promotional package includes your choice of Open Bar, premium dining, NCL shore excursion credit or onboard WIFI credit.

Manhattan Adventure

We will have several recommended pre-sail activities including an opportunity to visit the DNR Studios in Jan 2022. 

Host Hotel: Springhill Suites Times Square ($239-$259)

Conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan and just blocks away from the port of embarkation for the cruise, this is a great deal on a great hotel to start your adventure off right!

Shore Excursions

We will have optional shore excursions in each port provided by our outside travel partner ShoreTrips in January 2022.

Price Exclusions

Base fare prices for cruise cabins don’t include additional charges for taxes, port charges and onboard gratuities. Gratuities will also be added with selection of Open Bar and/or Premium Dining options as part of the DNR Group Promotion.

Some shows and premium dining experiences are not included in your base fare. NCL, ShoreTrips and other DNR excursions are not included in your base fare.

No additional cost to be part of the DNR group as long as reservation is booked through DNR Travel. For non-DNR and outside reservations including Casinos @ Sea or use of other travel agents, an additional fee will apply to join in DNR group actives.

Reservations made through NCL.com can be moved into our DNR group at no fee within 30 days of reservation date.